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Gum disease, or periodontal disease as we call it, is the slow loss of gum and bone tissue supporting and holding your tooth in place. Gum disease starts with just gum irritation (gingivitis) and progresses to bone resorption (periodontitis) and can lead to early tooth mobility and tooth loss. Gum disease if detected should be acted on with vital importance.

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Ascot Vale Smiles is dedicated to maintaining the soft tissues (gums) and hard tissues (bone) that support your teeth. We systematically chart your gum and bone condition with a periodontal chart measuring 6 separate points per tooth, any bleeding or recession or mobility of your teeth. This chart serves as a base record for your current gum condition and allows us to personalise your hygiene requirements.

There is no blanket rule for everyone with respect to hygiene and maintenance. Every patient is different requiring personalised treatment. It is not as simple as a 15-minute “scale and clean” every 6 months. We diagnose correctly and prefer to spend the appropriate amount of time on patient hygiene. This will range from 40 minutes up to multiple 1-hour sessions.

But whether you fit into the category of regular 6 monthly maintenance, or are concerned about advanced gum disease, from comprehensive examination we will give you an accurate diagnosis and tailor your hygiene requirements.

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