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Latest dental technology are available at Ascot Vale Smiles including Dental Diode Lasers, High-resolution SLR cameras, and Digital Radiography. With this dental technology, Ascot Vale Smiles can effectively communicate your oral health needs and provide the ultimate in dental care for our patients.

Dental Technology: OPG And Lateral Ceph Radiography

With our on site OPG machine we can quickly and easily assess dental issues such as:

  • Wisdom teeth development
  • Childrens teeth eruption development
  • Gum disease and bone levels around your teeth
  • Plan orthodontic treatment

All OPGs are viewed and reported by a Radiologist to ensure your oral health and nothing is missed.


Dental Diode Laser

Laser dentistry is cutting edge dental technology. We use a diode laser to adjust the gumline around your teeth. This allows us to place more accurate dental fillings and crown work. It can also be used to mildly adjust the gumline around your front teeth to put the final touches to your perfect smile.


Digital Imaging

  1. Canon Digital SLR photography with 60mm Macro lens with MR-14Ex ring flash
    • Provides high resolution 1:1 images of your oral condition
    • Invaluable for communication and patient records
    • Recommended for all new patient examinations
  2. Wireless intraoral cameras
    • Allows us to take photos of your teeth so you see what we see
    • Intraoral cameras are especially useful during treatment to highlight before, during and after procedures.

Digital Radiography

  • All of our rooms use digital x-ray technology
  • Exposure is often less than 50% of traditional radiographs
  • Images are provided almost instantly for immediate diagnosis
  • Numerous environmental benefits

Dental Loupes

  • Our dentists all wear prescription magnification providing us with 2.4x magnification
  • This allows us to produce accurate and demanding dental work

Digital Dental Records

  • All of our records are stored on computers
  • Allows quick and easy communication to patients and specialists
  • Minimises paper for a greener environment

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