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Porcelain dental veneers are thin ceramic facings that are strongly bonded onto the surfaces of teeth. At Ascot Vale Smiles, Dr. Nick’s passion is giving people their confidence to smile. After a comprehensive examination porcelain dental veneers take approximately 2-4 weeks from preparation to bonding.


  • Improve the colour of teeth
  • Correct the alignment of teeth
  • Correct the smile line and restore lost tooth height
  • Hide small gaps between teeth
  • Can be used in addition or as a substitute for orthodontic treatment


  • We offer a 5 year warranty on the structual integrity and bonding process of all our porcelain veneers and crowns. We only ask that you see us regularly to maintain your oral health and hygiene.
  • We take a full series of facial and intraoral SLR photos during our comprehensive examination. This allows you and I to discuss your smile concerns and desired outcomes.
  • We use only porcelain materials from Australia (i.e. we do not outsource overseas). Our local dental ceramist Josh Timmers is happy to drop in and help us determine the correct colour for your teeth.
  • We avoid grey gum lines by avoiding metal materials at the front of the mouth.
  • We operate under 2.4x magnification to ensure seamless fit.
  • We use diagnostic waxups to give you a preview of the final result before anything is performed. This will also help you make any adjustments to your smile prior to the porcelain veneers being bonded.

Ascot Vale Smiles will also consider various treatment options as an adjunct when treatment planning porcelain veneers with you.:

  • Will straightening your teeth with braces or Invisalign® minimise the amount of tooth needed to be taken away for veneers? Better yet can orthodontics replace the need for porcelain veneers?
  • Do you have a gummy smile and will a cosmetic gumlift performed with our dental laser help improve your smile?
  • Do you want to consider some tooth whitening to the teeth that do not require veneering so that we can choose a whiter and brighter colour?

Call us if you are considering any cosmetic dental or porcelain veneer treatments. Through our comprehensive exam, you will have full knowledge of all the treatment options to create your perfect smile. The following are some untouched before and after photos of our work. Thank you to all the patients for your confidence in our care and sharing your smile!

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So if you would like to sit down and discuss your options in an open and honest manner, please call us to book for a comprehensive examination.

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