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Paperless Dental Surgery

The Ascot Vale Smiles Dental surgery through the use of computers, scanners and digital technology have implemented a paperless patient records system. This means our dental surgery has reduced large amounts of paper, ink and chemical wastage.

Digital Radiography

Not only do digital radiographs reduce patient exposure to near undetected levels, but also they also provide benefits to the environment:

  • re-usuable films to reduce waste instead of single use traditional film
  • no need for disposable lead barriers for traditional film
  • no need for harmful chemicals to process traditional film
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Amalgam Separator

Ascot Vale Smiles has electively installed an amalgam separator to our suction lines. The following is an excerpt from the ADAVB:

The presence of mercury in Victoria’s sewerage systems not only limits the recovery of waste, it compromises both environmental and human health. Amalgam separators help filter mercury from wastewater before it reaches our sewerage systems.

Mercury is being released into Victoria’s sewerage systems from a range of industrial, commercial and domestic premises. It is believed that dental practices are contributing to this problem through the extraction and treatment of amalgam fillings. Installation of amalgam separators will make a significant contribution to the process of eradicating mercury from our sewerage systems..

Ascot Vale Smiles is a Section J compliant building, which describes standards met by the building materials, components, design factors and construction methods in order meet the current energy efficiency standards.

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