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When it comes to seeing your dentist for dental hygiene appointments please ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my level of gum health and dental hygiene requirement the same as everyone else?
  • Has my dentist checked me individually for gum disease with detailed periodontal analysis?
  • Is my recall appointment often 15 minutes long and I never really know my oral health status?
  • Does my dentist floss to check they have cleaned all the buildup?
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At Ascot Vale Smiles we truly believe in comprehensive dental care which includes the health of your gums. Not many people realise, but the purpose of having regular recall dental hygiene visits at your dentist is to maintain healthy gums. But not everyone’s health is the same and not everyone can have a “one size fits all” approach to oral care.

We prefer to spend time diagnosing your gum disease level at your first new patient appointment with us. We then tailor your dental hygiene requirements to your health needs. Some people may need a simple 30-50 minute appointment, while others need multiple 1-hour sessions. Some people may need 3 monthly recalls while others only require 12-month intervals.

So because everyone is different, it is always recommended at Ascot Vale Smiles to customise your dental hygiene requirements by starting with our comprehensive exam.

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